sailing day-trips for groups- Corunna

Option A.- Corunna from the sea (2 hours)

Sailing day trip around Corunna bay. You will have an astonishing and extraordinary view of the city from the sea. We will sail from inside the harbour leaving San Antón castle on our port side and then head to Punta Herminia where we will observe Torre de Hércules, the oldest Roman light house of the world still in use.

Option B.- Natural Park "Costa de Dexo" and A Marola (3 hours)

Sailing day trip from Corunna harbour toward the Natural Park of "Costa de Dexo", with its amazing cliffs and lush vegetation. We will round Canabal and Seixo Branco, and if the weather allows to it, we will also sail around the mythic Marola islet; an old fisherman saying states "should you pass Marola islet by, you will have passed by the whole sea ..."

Opción C.- Mera anchorage with Spanish omelette (3 hours)

Sailing day trip around Corunna bay toward the beaches of Mera. Once there, we will anchor and let the entire world flow slowly around us, while we taste a lovely Spanish omelette (drinks included: water, non-alcoholic drinks or beer)

Important remark: Minimum group: 6 persons. Maximum group: 11 persons. We operate sailing day trips from Corunna harbour from September to Juny. It is possible to configure your personal trip by mixing the different options.


Sailing day-trips
price per person
Option A
2 hours
30 euros
Option B
3 hours
40 euros
Option C
3 hours
50 euros
Option A+B
4 hours
50 euros
Option A+C
4 hours
60 euros
Option B+C
5 hours
70 euros
Prices include VAT, insurance, fuel and marina fees at base harbour. Options C, A+C and B+C also include a portion of Spanish Omelette and drinks (water, non-alcoholic drinks or beer).


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