who are we ?  

imago mundi, the name of our company are the Latin words which refer to known medieval geographical representations prior to the development of scientific maps, a world's imagination, or perhaps the world we imagine. A world where we feel an immense curiosity inspired by respect for people, nature and cultural heritage.

Our relationship for years with sailing and the sea led us to create the company imago mundi in 2004. Since then, through this web site VelerosGalicia.com, we have shared our passion for the sea with hundreds of people in the Galician cost.

In recent years, the friends of "Turquesa", the name of our last boat, have been gradually increasing, and indeed they are, that is you, who have given, and keep on making sense of this project:

... I do not know what this boat has that permeates those who come from a great positive spirit, solidarity and generosity. A spirit that flows ... Or maybe it's the contrary, so many positive, supportive and generous people has passed, that life aboard this could not be otherwise. Anyway, our thanks, from Turquesa and myself, for sharing with us these days ..

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