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Something about us.

In 2004, our long-standing relationship with the sailing world in Galicia led us to launch the VelerosGalicia project first, and Mares de Ítaca later.

Since then, we have shared our passion for the sea with hundreds of people, many of them today great friends , along the Atlantic coasts of Galicia and Portugal , and along the islands and coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

After all these years, we keep our curiosity for the world around us intact. A curiosity inspired by respect to people, nature and cultural heritage. Therefore, our interest during sailing trips extends to many aspects of the navigated places: people, language and literature, music and gastronomy, history and the traces that has left to us; the territory and natural spaces; but also its actuality both as living and everyday spaces for its inhabitants.

Since we started this journey, back in the year 2005 , the friends of Veleros Galicia and Mares de Ítaca have been increasing progressively, and in fact it is they, which means you, who have given, and continue to give sense to these projects.

Thanks to everyone

Barra Separadora

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You can contact us at the telephone numbers listed below, or also by email to the address:

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Sometimes, if we are sailing, we can delay the response a little. But we always answer .

We are waiting for you, too, at Veleros Galicia is the website through which Imago Mundi - Gestión Turística s.l. markets its sailboats rental services in Galicia.

Imago Mundi - Gestión Turística s.l. is registered in the Mercantil Registry of A Coruña since 2004 and its Registered Office is at calle Real 51, 2ºD, in A Coruña - Spain. CIF: B15965734