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Booking our Rental Sailboat in Galicia

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Reservations, Payments and Cancellations

You can make your reservations by contacting us at the email address:

info (at) velerosgalicia.com

or by calling us at the phone number

(+) 3 4 - 6 5 8 - 3 2 9 4 9 4

Simply confirm with us that there are places available on the dates you are interested in and within 24 hours you will get the confirmation.

Once the availability confirmation has been obtained by email, to guarantee the reservation it is necessary that you make a prepayment of the 50% of the total price. With the confirmation of availability we will indicate the number of our current account so that you can order a bank transfer. Please do not forget to indicate your name and the boarding date. You will have to pay the remaining 50% with a minimum advance of 15 days prior to the boarding date.

We hope you understand that for us the season is very short and the places we rent are very few. Therefore in case of cancellation of the reservation on your part we will have to charge the following penalties: between two months and 30 days prior to the boarding date, 50% of the amounts delivered on account, and within the 30 days immediately prior to the boarding date, 100% of the paid ammount.

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Why to book a sailboat with VelerosGalicia?

Our sailboat is not the tipical rental-sailboat rattled and abused by hundreds of hands. It is our sailboat, an during the season is also our home. That is why we take care of it and maintain it with all the affection that an owner can dedicate to his boat. You will notice it.

We have opted for safety and comfort on board, so even with our 42 foot sailboat, we only rent 8 seats in sailing day trips lasting less than one day.

Welcome on board

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If the trip between your municipality or autonomous community of residence and the port planned for boarding is not possible due to legal restrictions ...

If the borders of your country of origin, or those of Spain, are officially closed on the date of the reservation ...

If navigation is prohibited in the area provided for the rental of our sailboat ...

In summary, if due to legal restrictions caused by COVID-19 you cannot board, we will refund your money.

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