Life on Board

Sailboat Rental in Galicia: Life on Board

- frequently asked questions -

experience in sailing trips

Is previous experience required?

No. The maneuvering of our sailboat is very simple and although everyone collaborates in one thing or another, you will only be entrusted with tasks according to your skills. If you have experience in sailing and want to put your knowledge into practice, great, but if it is not like this, nothing happens. The philosophy is that each one collaborates in what they can do best

biodramine in sailing trips

Can I get dizzy?

Everyone can get dizzy at some point, especially at first due to the novelty of the environment. However, our experience of all these years tells us that, in the interior of the estuaries, as there is no swell and hardly any waves, it is truly difficult for anyone to get dizzy. In any case, if you have doubts, it is best to take one or two biodramines preventively.

clothes in sailing trips

What kind of clothes should I take?

Obviously, it depends on the time of year, but as a general rule as little as possible (the space on a boat, even one like ours, is always scarce). However, taking into account the variability of the weather in Galicia, a light raincoat and a warm sweater, or a nautical jacket, especially for nights, are highly recommended.

shoes in sailing trips

What kind of footwear should I wear?

ESSENTIAL, nautical shoes or shoes with a white or very light rubber sole (sports shoes with white or light rubber are also valid) and non-slip. It is very important that you remember this. If you forget it, you will have to go barefoot.

sunglasses in sailing holidays

What other things may be helpful?

We want to insist that space is a rare commodity on sailboats. Try to bring only the essentials. What is essential? Desire to enjoy from the wind, the sun ... and above all a lot of calm and a sense of humor, in addition to your personal hygiene items, bath and beach towels.

maletas rígidas en viajes en velero

May I take a trolley or rigid suitcase?

No. In sailboats there are no spaces prepared to store rigid suitcases, and inside the boat there can be nothing that is not properly stowed or securely attached. Trolleys with rigid metal frames are not allowed either. It is essential to use a flexible bag .

This is really very important . If you bring a suitcase that cannot be safely stowed on the boat, it will have to stay on land .

eating in your sailing holidays

Eating on Board

In all sailing day trips you can bring your own food and drink. The advisable thing is sandwiches, omelettes, fruit, that is, easily transportable food and that can be consumed almost in any circumstance.

On several days sailing trips , the first day a general purchase of supplies is usually made, thinking above all about breakfasts and lunches on board. It is also frequent and pleasant - not necessary - to go ashore for dinner. In any case, the boat is provided of a gas stove with two burners, oven and a refrigerator.

alcohol in sailing trips

May I drink alcohol on board?

Only when the boat is at anchor or moored, and in a moderate way. It should be borne in mind that excessive alcohol consumption on a boat is a element of high risk for the safety of people on board. If any person contravenes this rule and, in the opinion of the skipper, appears in a state close to drunkenness, he/she will be invited to disembark immediately.

other drugs in sailing trips

May I consume other drugs on board?


nights in sailing trips

Where do we stay at night?

We try to combine anchorages in coves, beaches or protected bays with moorings in marinas.
This aim is subject in the last instance to the availability of anchorages or marinas in the respective navigation areas.

camarotes en viajes en velero

Cabins and Bedlinen?

The two practically symmetrical aft cabins are spacious enough for two people to sleep and are equipped with a small wardrove. The forward cabin is used by the skipper.

We dress the beds with fitted sheets, pillows and sheathed duvets.

In sailing day trips the use of cabins is not allowed

expenses in a sailing trip

Expenses on board (only rentals lasting more than 24 hours)

The first day a fund is made between the crew with which the food , the fuel and the moorings are paid. It is difficult to predict the exact amount because it depends on many factors, especially the number of nights that we will moor in marinas and the area of navigation, but also the wind, the number of people on board, or the number of dinners we do on the boat. We can make an estimate of 30 euros per person per day for a group of four people.

mooring in marinas

What is the price of mooring fees?

Each port sets its own rates; Logically, some are more expensive and others are cheaper. On average, for the length of our boat, from June to September, we must calculate around 35 - 45 euros per night / boat to be distributed among the crew.

electric appliances on board

May I use electric devices on board?

The boat has european 220 volt sockets that we can only use when we are moored and connected to land in a marina. On the other hand, when we sail or are at anchor, which is most of the time, you can recharge your mobiles or tablets using the two specific battery banks for this with a USB type cable

hot water in the sailboat

Is there hot water on board?

Yes There is hot water in the taps and showers in both bathrooms, in the kitchen sink, and in the outdoor shower located on the aft balcony. Although in summer, most of us prefer a cool and refreshing shower outside ... However, we must remember that fresh water on board is a limited good that we must use responsibly.

bad weather on sailing trips

What happens if there is a bad weather forecast?

Safety comes first, therefore, if the forecast on the day of departure announces winds stronger than Force 6, or heavy and persistent rains in the navigation area, we would cancel the planned activities. In rentals of less than 24 hours, we would refund the total amounts charged for that activity, or you can decide to postpone it for another day.

On sailing rentals of two or more days , it could happen that the wind or sea conditions, in the judgment of the skipper, would advise a change in the route or the stay in port or sheltered until there is an improvement. These decisions have the sole objective of safeguarding the safety of the crew in the event of force majeure and therefore cannot give rise to any claim, reimbursement or compensation.