Avistamientos de Cetáceos de Galicia en Velero

Galicia: Atlantic Paradise for Dolphins and Seabirds Watching

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Mapa zona avistamiento de cetáceos en Galicia

Dolphins, Seabirds and Whales Watching on Sailboat.

When? In Summer, any day of the week, from July to September.

Where? from Combarro, Portonovo, Sanxenxo, Baiona or Vigo.

Schedule? from 11:00 until 19:00.

Maximum Group? 6 people.

How Much? 650 euros the entire sailboat.

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Shall we set sail together in search of dolphins, seabirds and maybe even whales?

At 11 am we meet at the port of departure. Depending on your interests we can leave from the Vigo estuary, embarking in the ports of Baiona or Vigo , or from the Pontevedra estuary, in this case leaving from Combarro, Portonovo or Sanxenxo . We cast moorings and sail happily towards the mouth of the estuary. The objective is to reach the outside of the archipelagos of the Atlantic Islands National Park, although it is very common that we are already on the way with groups of dolphins swimming fast in search of groups of sardines or mackerel. Depending on the wind, we sail in one direction or the other, at an approximate distance of up to 5 miles from the west face of the islands. It is in this area that we have more chances to watch the great cetaceans that periodically visit our coasts.

Where do we eat?

As we will be sailing in the open sea where there is always some swell in the background, the ideal thing is that you bring something that can be eaten under any circumstance. Probably the best alternative is some sandwiches, nuts and some fruit. Our experience tells us that bananas and apples are a good option for those who may be prone to dizziness.

A refreshing swim back to port

On the way back to the port, we always try to complete the day by stopping at a cove or beach so that you can take a good swim from the boat.
Around 19:00 in the evening you will be disembarking at the port of your choice.

Despedida avistamiento cetáceos

Dolphins, Seabirds and Whales Watching in Galicia

The Galician estuaries are home to the second highest population of dolphins in Europe, after Scotland. It is estimated that in our estuaries about 250 specimens of bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), known in Galicia as "arroaz", and numerous itinerant colonies of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis), which we affectionately call "golfiños", live permanently. In summer, dolphin sightings are very frequent. They approach and enter the Rías Bajas, chasing the banks of pelagic species on which they feed.

The area with the highest density of dolphins is to the east of an imaginary line drawn between Cape Silleiro and Cape Fisterra (see map above), basically the Rías Baixas and the waters that surround the National Park of the Atlantic Islands.

Avistamiento de Delfines en las Rías Baixas

In addition, for lovers and people fond of ornithology, the Galician coast offers a true spectacle of seabirds. It is very common to see gannets , cormorants, shearwaters , seagulls ...

Avistamiento de Aves Marinas en las Rías Baixas

The great news is that in recent summers, the whales have returned to Galicia!

Groups of blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus), fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus), minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata), humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) and boreal whales (Balaenoptera borealis) have been seen feeding peacefully on krill in the the surface of the sea, thanks to the phenomenon of the outcrop of cold waters in the Rías Baixas, which are ver rich in nutrients. This situation has fortunately ceased to be an unusual event.

Avistamiento de Aves Marinas en las Rías Baixas

Despite the fact that summer after summer, the number of sightings has been increasing, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will see whales, and you must be aware that it takes quite a lot of good luck to find them.

Notes to be kept in mind in this Sailing Day Trip

Included in the Sailing Trip`: "Dolphins, Seabirds and Whales Watching on Sailboat.":

-Navigation in our sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 423 Clipper 13 meters long, towards the area with the highest concentration of sightings of cetaceans and seabirds.

-Fuel for entry and exit to port. In case of absence of wind, the hours of motor navigation will be charged as an extra at the rate of 6 euros / hour to be distributed among the crew. Maximum: 42 euros / group - 7 euros / person

-Port rates and moorings in the base port.

-Processing of Navigation Permit in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands.


Minimum and Maximum Group:

The length of our sailboat is 13 meters . Due to its size and displacement (capacity) it is enabled to sail with 12 people on board. However, we have always thought that less is more, and therefore, to greater comfort and safety of all, and taking into account that we will sail in the open sea and outside the protection of the estuaries, in the "Sailtrip: Dolphins, Seabirds and Whales Watching on Sailboat" we limit the groups to a maximum of 6 people.

Personal Equipment:

- It is essential to use nautical type footwear or white or very light rubber soles (sports shoes with white or light rubber soles are also valid). Footwear with black sole or rubber cannot be used on the boat. And of course, the heels neither.

-Bring clothes according to the weather forecast for the day of the Sailing Trip. Keep in mind, that for better or for worse, at sea is always cooler than on land.

Food and Drinks:

-Meals and drinks are not included.

-Our advice is that you bring your own picnic: sandwiches, fruit, nuts ... things that are easy to eat even if there is movement on the boat.


-Keep in mind that we will sail in the open sea, outside the protection of the estuaries, so some swell is always to be expected. If you have doubts about whether you can get dizzy, the most advisable thing is to take a biodramina (preferably with caffeine to avoid sleep) preventively before boarding.

Additional Important Information:

Please, for more information, consult the LIFE ON BOARD section in the menu of our website, where you will find many answers to your most common questions.

* In rentals of less than 24 hours, in which you do not spend the night on the boat, the use of the cabins is not allowed.

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