Excursión de un día en velero en las Rías Baixas

Sailing Trip to Ons Islands on Private Sailboat

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Islas Ons en Velero

Sail Trip to Ons Islands on Private Yacht

When? In Summer, any day of the week, from July to September.

Where? from Sanxenxo, Portonovo o Combarro Ports.

Schedule? from 11:30 until 19:30.

Included? Permits of Navigations and Anchoring in the National Park

How Much? 650 euros Private Sailboat.

Maximum Group? 8 people

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One day Sailing Trip to Ons Islands

This sailboat day trip is to the Ons Islands archipelago, part of the Atlantic Islands National Park. The archipelago is made up of two islands; the largest, which gives its name to the archipelago, and Onza (also called Onceta), smaller and uninhabited, to the south of the main island. They are located at the mouth of the Pontevedra estuary, functioning as a natural wall that protects the estuary from the rush of the ocean. As in Cíes, the west face, where the sea hits with all its force, is abrupt and offers no possibilities for anchoring. The east face, however, has small beaches, the access pier to the island, and the neighborhoods where the settlers live.

From the ports of Sanxenxo or Portonovo to Ons there are about 6 nautical miles, and from Combarro about 11. In either case, leaving at 11:00 and anticipating the return for 19:00, it is a comfortable distance for sail and reach the islands around noon. What to do once anchored in our sailboat in the Ons Islands? Difficult answer: maybe sunbathing on deck and taking a refreshing swim? Maybe going down to the beach with the boat's tender? Maybe taking a walk around the island? And why not everything? It is your day.

Our advice is that you bring your own picnic: some omelettes, fruit or sandwiches. Our sailboat has a refrigerator, as well as a kitchen in case you also want to heat something. If you prefer, there are also a couple of restaurants on the island.

In the afternoon, we begin our return to port with the deep satisfaction of having made a fabulous day trip on a sailing boat to the Ons Islands.

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Puesta del Sol en Velero - Coruña

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Video of the Ons Islands - Turismo de Galicia

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Notes to be kept in mind in this Sailing Day Trip

Included in "Sail Trip to Ons Islands on Private Yacht":

-Navigation on our Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 423 Clipper 42 foot long, according to the programme.


-Mooring Fees in Base Port.

-Permits to Navigation and Anchoring in the National Park.



From 11:00 until 19:00.

Maximum Group:

The length of our sailboat is 13 meters. Due to its size and displacement (capacity) it is enabled to sail with 12 people on board. However, we have always thought that less is more, and therefore, for greater comfort and safety for everyone on the boat, in this sailing experience we limit the groups to a maximum of 8 people.

Personal Equipment:

-It is essential to use nautical type footwear or white or very light rubber soles (sports shoes with white or light rubber soles are also valid). Footwear with black sole or rubber cannot be used on the boat. And of course, the heels neither.

-Bring clothes according to the weather forecast for the day of the Sailing Trip. Keep in mind, that for better or for worse, at sea is always cooler than on land.

Additional Important Information:

Please, for more information, consult the LIFE ON BOARD section in the menu of our website, where you will find many answers to your most common questions.

* In rentals of less than 24 hours, in which you do not spend the night on the boat, the use of the cabins is not allowed.