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since 2005, 16 years sailing together

Barra Separadora

- Yacht Charter in Galicia: Coruna, Vigo and the Rias Bajas -

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Barra Separadora

Sailing Holidays in Galicia

Sailing Trips in Galicia: Rias Bajas and Rias Altas - 2021

- Berth and Cabin Charter, or the Entire Sailboat -

Barra Separadora

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Barra Separadora
why are we unique

Small Groups: a whole 42 foot skippered sailboat for only 4 - 6 people in sailing trips. We increase this number to a maximum of 8 people in our sailing experiences lasting less than 24 hours. More space, comfort and above all safety on board for everyone, without having an impact on a higher price.

Our sailboat is not a charter sailboat rattled and abused by hundreds of hands. It is our sailboat, an during the season is also our home. That is why we take care of it and maintain it with all the affection that an owner can dedicate to his boat. You will notice it.

We flee from the standardization of sailing holidays. Each year we offer only a few and unique voyages: thoroughly prepared for you.

Solidarity Sailing Holidays.The current tragedy in the waters of the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands produces an immense sadness in front of which we do not know how to remain indifferent. Therefore, we contribute our little grain of sand by donating the 2,5% of all the income coming from your reserves to NGO's committed to helping refugees and immigrants who are forced to risk their lives to reach European shores.

Our website does NOT use "Cookies". We would be expelled from any online business school. It sounds weird these days but we don't spy on you because we don't like being eavesdropped on us. Therefore we respect your privacy. To know more about it... HERE

Simply unique

Barra Separadora